In Touch Physiotherapy: Subiaco

What are you looking for?
  • Do you want to know what's wrong?
  • Do you need information about pain relief?
  • Are you keen to help yourself recover?
  • Are you looking for effective treatment from someone you can trust?
  • Is quick recovery important to you?

I have the skills and knowledge to help whether you are troubled by:
  • Niggling neck pain
  • Creaky knees
  • Boring back pain
  • Hassling headaches or
  • Persistent pain
In Touch Physiotherapy is a small friendly clinic in Subiaco, I offer you:
  • Individual care and quality treatment within a longer consultation
  • An accurate diagnosis based on detailed assessment
  • A modern and research-based with self-care training
  • My treatment emphasises what you want to achieve
  • You gain from my 40 years' experience, advanced knowledge and specialist diagnostic skills.
  • Optimal results help your return to active life sooner

I will discuss my aims and expectations with you to ensure we gain optimal results. You can expect some improvement within two treatment sessions. Chronic and multi-factorial problems take longer.

  • Practical tips for home, work and sport modifications
  • Evidence based effective treatment

"I look forward to relieving your pain, whatever your age, fitness level or type of problem."


* Street Parking outside clinic.  Bus, Train and Cat Buses are < 10 minute's walk

*Same day appointments / urgent home visits are available if required: 0419 969 455

In Touch Physiotherapy - Headache Clinic  

This is a unique Centre of Excellence for specialist diagnosis and treatment of migraine and headaches. I base my approach on research, clinical skills and advanced training. I collaborate with your Neurologist or GP to assist with effective medication or investigations if needed. Headache diaries and questionnaires will help you define your headache pattern and see improvement.

In Touch Physiotherapy - Pain Clinic

    • We will discuss aspects of pain that influence your understanding of your activity limitations
    • Pain knowledge means you can manage your response
    • Recent research has improved our bio-psycho-social approach to allow me to look at your individual pain patterns
    • Why not start on a new pathway to health and move on from your pain?

Why consult a Specialist Physiotherapist? 

  • I help you understand the basis of your pain and movement problems
  • Achieve outcomes for your non-resolving or ongoing pain
  • Reduce disability related to osteoarthritis or injury
  • Use dynamic and effective self-treatment

* I am available for a second opinion if you have not achieved progress with other approaches.

Why choose In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco?

  • I am highly trained with advanced knowledge, extensive skills and teaching expertise
  • My approach is passionate and thorough
  • I work together with you to achieve optimal outcomes.

Helen Potter FACP Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2007)