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In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco


If you have pain or your activity is limited – Why wait?

Contact Helen now, 93816166, if you are looking for:

  • Optimal results in less visits
  • Treatment to ease your pain now
  • Advice on persistent pain
  • Postural and movement retraining
  • Exercises fitting your lifestyle
  • Involvement in your own recovery

In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco is:

    • Highly recommended by GPs and Specialists
    • Provides a modern research-based approach
    • Emphasises diagnosis, dynamic treatment, and management
    • A small friendly clinic offering individual care and privacy

Helen Potter:

  • Has forty years’ experience, with advanced knowledge, skills and training
  •  Is respected for her excellence in care and communication

Helen provides: The highest standard of care for your aches and pains, no matter your age, injury,  posture and movement habits, or life experience.

  • Headaches *Migraines *Neck Pain *Whiplash Disorders
  • Back and Pelvic Pain *Movement Problems
  • Injuries to joints, ligaments or muscles
  • Hip, knee or hand osteoarthritis pain/disability
  • Pre- and post- joint replacement treatment and rehabilitation

In Touch Physiotherapy Specialist Headache Clinic 

  1. A Centre of Excellence for diagnosis and treatment of Migraine and Headaches
  2. Consultations include questionnaires, diaries and outcome monitoring
  3. Collaboration with your GP or Specialist
  4. Consultation fee includes reports to your referrer and yourself, and questionnaire/diary monitoring.

In Touch Physiotherapy Specialist Pain Clinic 

  1. Education to help you understand pain
  2. Advice and management to help you self-care.
  3. The consultation fee includes reports to your referrer and yourself, progress analysis and outcome monitoring.

Why consult a Helen, a Specialist Physiotherapist? If you want:

  • Accurate diagnosis and quality treatment
  • Self-care techniques
  • A dynamic approach
  • Have pain not responding to treatment
  • Guidance on rehabilitation
  • Help to ease pain and reduce disability due to arthritis
  • If you are unsure of what is wrong or what to do

Why choose In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco?

  • Recognised advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy training, extensive skills and experience
  • I provide you with highly skilled and passionate care
  • You have time to tell your story and to discuss your needs and goals
  • We can work together to achieve optimal outcomes

Short information (15 minutes) and advice sessions available. Please ask when you contact me.

Looking forward to helping you,

Helen Potter FACP Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist


  Whatever your age or fitness level 

In Touch Physiotherapy promises to optimise your recovery.  

Call now, email or book online, to discover how I can help.

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