New Back Pain Treatment Guidelines


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Key messages from six international sets of clinical guidelines (for the management of low back pain) suggest physiotherapists:
  1. Use a stepped approach to care of low back pain, guided by the response
  2. Instruct clients on how to remain active
  3. Educate on understanding pain is nonthreatening
  4. Reassure that there is no severe pathology and that most back pain episodes settle within six weeks
  5. For acute low back pain the second step option is Physiotherapy
  6. For chronic low back pain the second step options  include: physiotherapy, psychological therapies, mindfulness-based stress reduction, yoga, acupuncture
  7. The third step in chronic low back pain care is multidisciplinary pain management to target physical, psychological and social aspects 
  8. No particular medication is preferred. If needed, anti-inflammatories and/or Paracetamol may help
  9. Avoid Opioids for back pain
  10. Do not offer surgery for non-specific low back pain 

My approach at in Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco will suit your goals and lifestyle and give you the best chance of efficient recovery.

Back Pain Management


To reduce the risk of developing chronic pain and disability, my dynamic approach follows the new guidelines:

  • I explain what I think is causing your pain and limitation
  • Use specific hands-on techniques to reduce pain and spasm 
  • Teach you pain-easing exercises 
  • Add individual posture and movement retraining and
  • Encourage you to increase your activity
  • And to lose weight. 

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Patients have offered their perspectives on what helped their management of their chronic low back pain which helped them recover. these include:

  • Stay positive
  • Keep the pain at a comfortable level 
  • Remain independent 
  • Develop a good rapport at work to allow discussion of part-time hours or ergonomic modifications
  • Join a group for regular exercise to keep mobile and fit
  • Lose weight
  • Learn ways of getting on with life despite the pain
  • Have a hot shower, use a heat pack or exercise, before reaching for tablets or injections
  •  Get help from talking with others. Find someone who listens, understands the pain, and helps you find ways to stay engaged with exercise, hobbies and work.

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