Pain: What is it?

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Pain is a complex topic. Only when you have a better understanding of what pain is, can you start to manage your pain, and re-join life.

The following video is a brief but thorough explanation with a cartoon which will help you to know pain. You may benefit from watching it several times as it moves quickly.

The messages are:

  • Take a new path
  • Put LIFE back into PAIN
  • Let me inform and guide you to a more active life
In Touch Physiotherapy for chronic pain relief:
  • Learn what pain is and how your thought viruses increase or decrease its intensity
  • Increase your activity
  • Participate in your community
  • Talk to someone about your concerns
  • See a Helen, a Specialist Physiotherapist for accurate diagnosis and advice, effective treatment and ways you can manage your pain and enjoy life again. 

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Activity Pacing url ...

Recovery from Pain url ...

Thought viruses url ...

Gaining Control url ...


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