Physiotherapy Consultations

During our consultations, you will be able to clarify your goals and discuss your current understanding of your problem. I aim to help you achieve an optimal outcome by working with you in partnership.

At In Touch Physiotherapy, Subiaco, I tailor treatment to the source of your problem, taking into account your needs, goals and lifestyle. My vision is for you to leave each consultation empowered with accurate information and the skills to continue your rehabilitation at home.

What to bring

As a Physiotherapist and “primary contact practitioner” a doctor’s referral is only required if your condition is related to a Workers Compensation, Veterans Affairs or Medicare EPC. Please bring any X_RAYS you have to your initial consultations. Insurance Clients (WC, MV, Medicare, and DVA) need to bring information related to injury, insurance and work, as well as a referral.

Practical aspects

Street parking in Churchill Ave is available but can be busy. Please allow extra time to wait for someone to move. Ask Helen for other current alternatives nearby.

What to wear

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, or a singlet top and shorts, if possible for spinal assessments.

Appointment information

I respect that your time is valuable and attempt to run on schedule. I will notify you in advance if unexpected delays mean I will be more than ten minutes late. If you need to cancel, please do so as early as possible to allow someone else to use your allocated time. I charge a $50 fee for cancellations of less than 24 hours. This fee is not refundable.

Insurance Claims

If you have a motor vehicle insurance claim, you will need to pay me the full fee on the day and claim the refund amount directly from ICWA. This is due to long delays in payment by the insurance companies, and questions of liability that may not have been resolved. There will be a “gap” between my fee and that rebated by the insurance company. Please ask me for further details before your consultation.

Financial information

My fees are based on the Australian Physiotherapy Association [APA] recommendations. They take account of my advanced qualifications, extensive experience, the comprehensiveness of consultations, writing reports to your referrer or future practitioner, as well as clinic costs. Fees are time based and flexible. Shorter appointments with reduced fees available if finance is of concern. Ask Helen at your appointment for further information.

I accept payment by cheque, cash, debit, Visa and Mastercar.d
Please note that Health Ancillary Funds refund only a portion of fees and do not reflect current costs or charges. I have HICAPS to obtain your health fund rebate during your consultation so that you only need to pay the gap.

If you have multiple chronic problems a rebate may be available from Medicare (EPC Program), ask your General Practitioner.

Fees are related to time and complexity.

·        Initial Comprehensive Consultation                30-60 minutes   $120-$250
o   (includes a detailed letter to referring doctor, questionnaires, written diagnosis, advice).
·        Subsequent Comprehensive Consultation       25-40 minutes   $114-$140
·        Brief Consultations and Discounted rates       15-20 minutes   $75-$95

Take Care and Stay active

Kind Regards

Helen Potter FACP Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Phone 93816166 or Email helen

How many visits will I need?

My goal is to get you back to improved painfree function as quickly as possible, and to provide you with strategies so you can then independently maintain your own health.

The number of consultations needed depends on how long you have had your problem and how severe your problem is, your age, your response to the first treatment and your willingness to do exercises and make suggested lifestyle changes. Earlier treatment may optimise recovery.

I expect significant improvement within three consultations, taking into account the type of problem, its duration, and any contributing factors. If you are not improving as expected then we will re-analyse your problem and consider if other medical or treatment approaches will assist.

I can facilitate the natural healing process of acute injuries but tissue repair takes predictable times. Persistent problems may need correction of a range of factors so resolution may take longer.

Your initial consultation

Your first consultations will last 25 to 55 minutes depending on the type of problem you have and what you want from the consultation. This should be a comfortable and rewarding experience as my clinic is small and friendly and you will not be rushed.

At the first consultation I will:

  • Ask you to tell your story, relate relevant history, and discuss what you would like to gain from the consultation
  • Conduct a thorough examination to isolate injured structures, or identify posture and movement patterns that are contributing to your discomfort
  • Assess you for any underlying pathology that requires medical assessment
  • Give you my working diagnosis of your condition
  • Commence “hands on” treatment and self-care advice
  • Discuss a management plan with an idea of the frequency and duration of your treatment.

Subsequent consultations

These last about 25 minutes. You can arrange a longer consultation if you have several problems you would like treated at one visit. A higher fee will be charged.

I will:

  • Ask if you have noticed any changes in your condition
  • Re-evaluate your condition by performing a short physical assessment
  • Progress your treatment and re-evaluate improvement
  • Check and modify how you are managing any postural corrections or exercises
  • Explain and demonstrate new exercises if appropriate
  • Provide you with the opportunity to ask questions

Yuor goals and needs direct treatment choice. With recurrent or ongoing problems, learning to understand your responses to pain, pacing and activity are an important part of rehabilitation. We can discuss these aspects and use online and reading material to assist your recovery.

Depending on the chronicity of your problem, you may wish to continue self-care training, posture, and motor control improvement over six weeks to help delay possible re-occurence.

My follow-up system

My care for you continues after your need for “hands on” treatment stops. Three to six weeks following your last consultation I will contact you to ensure your improvement has lasted, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and offer any further advice as needed.

If you miss an appointment

I recognise that sometimes life and health issues may cause you to cancel an appointment. Early notice may allow another client to take your appointment slot. However, if you miss an appointment I charge a non-arrival fee of $50.

“Looking forward to meeting you and to solving your pain and movement problems”


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