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Pain Relief at In Touch

Are you looking for pain relief? Need a diagnosis and information?
  • Pain can not only be unpleasant but may also result in poor physical, social and emotional health.
  • Everyone's response to pain is different so the pain you experience will respond best to an  individually planned treatment. 
  • Your fear, emotions and false beliefs can reduce or magnify the pain you feel.
  • While the inital injury may be healed, structural, postural and brain over protection factors can contribute to ongoing pain. 
  • My role is to explain where you are on the pain recovery pathway and how we can change direction.
  • We need to work out a dynamic approach, including hands on treatment, that will suit your goals and lifestyle so that you can enjoy life again.
  • Recovery may be slow if your pain is complex and long standing.
  • New knowledge, combined with an exercise program tailored for you, will help you to manage your pain better.
            Watch this 5 minute video on chronic pain for an overview.


As an experienced Specialist Physiotherapist, I have the knowledge and skills to help problems you have with pain, movement, posture or activity loss. I can help relieve your pain and limitation due to joint, muscle or ligament sprains, changes associated with degeneration or overuse, and more complex pain problems.  I use evidence-based advice, specific treatment and tips on how you can reduce negative lifestyle factors to optimise outcomes. 

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