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Photography is a fun activity. In my spare time I look for sunny situations and photograph peoples’ furbabies. In Spring you will find me at Kings Park or Wireless Hill stooping low to catch some orchid beauty. This year was a spectacular season with masses of Fire Orchids appearing after a small bushfire. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

My new photography business is called “Furry Friends Fotos”. You will find some of my photographs at, or email me at for prices and options.

My dog KoKo also writes a blog at and shares my photos to his doggie mates and their owners. Koko is a Subiaco Celebrity and has appointed himself to the position of President of the Subiaco Dog group. He often writes to the Post Community Newspaper or the City of Subiaco to make his point. We keep the Subiaco Community up to scratch with our latest suggestions for improvement or change.

running-with-my-mate-helen-potter-photography             let-sleeping-dogs-lie_-helen-potter-photography


dog-play-helen-potter-photography             Helen Potter Photography

Lots more photos to come!

We hang out at Richard Diggins Park in Park St just around the corner to our home and go for long walks to Subiaco Cafes. KoKo is renowned for his Puppicino drinking and for saying “hello” to kids. We also visit Berrington Nursing Home in Jolimont on Fridays to share some wine and cheese with the residents. KoKo gets lots of cuddles when he does his tricks and dances to the music.

The last few years I have managed to have a photo reach the City of Subiaco Photography finals but just not inventive enough to win. As a new experience for 2016 I have jointed witih 20 “Snap Happy” photographers to display four photos each at the Moores Gallery in Fremantle November 18th to 27th. I feel excited to be part of a project. Hope to see you there.

Helen Potter Photography

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