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  •  Often people have put up with headaches all their lives without knowing why or how best to treat or manage them.
  • I offer a private, friendly and personal approach to help you discover more
  • The Headache Clinic, a "Centre of Excellence" for the diagnosis, treament and management of migraine and headaches is unique in Western Australia
  • My advanced qualifications in diagnosis and management of headache, mean I am highly qualified to help you sort out your headaches
  • My involvement with the National Headache Study combined with my collaboration with Perth Neurology Specialists means I have more options for treating you 
  • Current theories on headaches with a genetic predisposition and sensitisation of the nervous system mean my approach is multi-factorial.
  • Our first step is to establish a diagnosis.
  • The most common presentations are of migraine, cervico-genic (neck related) headache and tension headache and TMJ (jaw related) headache.
  • Only when you have an accurate diagnosis can you start to treat and manage your headache well.
  • I listen to your story, undertake a comprehensive assessment and reach a diagnosis. If my findings demonstrate a headache type I then discuss options with you
  • As a first contact Specialist Physiotherapist I have to exclude any medical reason for your headache before I make any decisions about trtment
  • If there is a medical component that would benefit from your GP's or Neurologist's advice then I will assist you with a referral for investigation or medical management.
  • Questionnaires and a six week headache diary help us monitor outcomes. This allows us to progress treatment, or refer on for medical assistance if needed
  • A detailed migraine diary allows you to present  a more complete picture to your GP to discuss medication.

If you have headaches and want optimal relief:

Please contact Helen

9381 6166 or

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Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist FACP

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