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OA Knee Pain - Injections to help

A corticosteroid injection is a short-term treatment for pain relief in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Research suggests you may gain small or moderate improvements in knee pain and swelling for 6 weeks or longer. This reduction in pain presents an opportunity for you to exercise and improve your walking and function. You may also benefit from better sleep. 

Repeated cortisone injections are not supported by current evidence. They may increase the risk of cartilage damage.

There are other longer term injections alter the disease process. Ask your doctor or phone the Arthritis Foundation of WA Inc. 9381 2199

In Touch Physiotherapy treatment for OA Knee

First choice treatment for OA knee is dynamic physiotherapy. It provides the fastest and most lasting results.

At In Touch Physiotherapy we will discuss your goals and needs before I assess your knee, hip, foot and lower back. I will then explain how I can help before starting a specific treatment and an individual rehabilitation program.

My aim is to reduce pain and optimise your function. Range of movement, functional activities and strength are all important. There should also be less creaking and crackling as you use your knee. Your hip muscles often need activating to reduce your limp or sway and foot exercises (and/or referral to a podiatrist) may help.

I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire to help quantify your individual abilities and needs, and to monitor improvement.

You can expect good improvement in two to three sessions when I mobilise your stiff knee and knee-cap joints. Most of my clients are delighted at how quickly they improve.

It then takes six weeks for your muscles to relearn how to activate and strengthen.

Added intervention to gain the best outcome for a knee with osteoarthritis
  • 5-10% weight loss reduces OA knee pain (Research evidence)
  • Improved strength in hip and knee unloads the painful part of your knee
  • Improving ankle foot function and hip control again take some stress off the knee
  • Classes for knee rehabilitation are available at the Arthritis Centre in Shenton Park. Exercising in a group helps your commitment

With my advanced training in knee treatment and rehabilitation you will receive dynamic optimum treatment. I do not use needles or machines.

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To ask how I can help.

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