Acute pain versus Chronic Pain


Acute pain
Acute pain does not last very long (usually days
or weeks) and generally disappears quickly as any
damaged body tissue recovers and heals. Acute pain
is generally considered a normal and protective
sensation that alerts us to an injury or tissue damage
and causes us to seek medical attention to help with
Acute pain is useful and protects us.
Chronic pain
Chronic pain on the other hand is useless to the
body and does not protect us. We say chronic pain
is of no biological value to the human body. So we
call chronic pain an abnormal sensation, because it
shouldn’t be there.
Chronic pain shouldn’t be there because there is no
tissue damage, because usually the tissue has already
had time to heal before the chronic pain develops.
Chronic pan is an abnormal response of the body to
tissue or nerve inflammation or damage that has
already occurred in the past.



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