Build Your Balance – Avoid Falls

Posted by Helen Potter on 01 September 2017 | Filed under Falls Advice, In Touch Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy, Tips

Build Your Balance – Avoid Falls

Build Your Balance looks at the importance of improving and maintaining balance to reduce the risk of falls. The Build Your Balance campaign will run from Friday 1 September through Thursday 30 November 2017.

Build Your Balance calls to action:

  • Challenge your balance daily
  • Do strength and balance exercises for 30 minutes each day to prevent falls
  • Add balance challenging exercises to the activities you are already doing
  • Speak to a fitness professional, physiotherapist or GP about how you can challenge your balance
  • Phone or email HelenPotter to ask about your balance or pain.
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    Build Your Balance – Avoid Falls

    Stay On Your Feet® also have a new Build Your Balance exercise video, which focuses on simple ways to build your balance to keep you on your feet. The video can be used by older adults in their own home and allow them to progress from basic exercises to more advanced options as their balance improves. Click here to watch the video or order your own free copy at

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