Physiotherapy Access – A right not a luxury

Australian Physiotherapy Association – Equal Physiotherapy access for all

Promote no limitations for physiotherapy access

Everyone has a right to access physiotherapy despite socio-economic limitations. Medicare should allow physiotherapy for evidence based treatment which is demonstrated to achieve optimal rates at less cost to the tax payer than surgery or other medical investigations when unecessary. Please use any opportunity to you have to speak to your state and federal politicians to explain this.
Health Funds also need to improve their lowest rebate levels. In many cases the rebate is set at a level of over 22 years ago. There has been NO increase in rebates despite around 50% increase in fees.
Meanwhile Allied Health Professionals massive increases in rents, rates, expenses and staff costs. The situation is unfair for you as a consumer. Please speak to your health fund if you agree. Thank You Helen Potter FACP.
Womens’ and mens’ incontinence treatment has proven superior to surgery in many cases. Pre and post rehabilitation post surgery also improves outcomes. See APA references

Physiotherapy Access means no limitations