Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis

Posted by Helen Potter on 28 March 2017 | Filed under Blog, In Touch Physiotherapy

Aim for pain control in Osteoarthritis:

  • Exercise increases function and quality of life and pain
  • Strength and aerobic greater improvement if exercises combines with weight loss
  • Greater weight loss leads to greater decrease in OA pain and function
  • Aim = 10% or even 5kg helps reduce pain in women with OA

Obesity is the single most modifiable factor in the development of systemic inflammation in osteoarthritis. Elevation of inflammatory factors lead to cartilage degradation, catabolism and pain. Obese people have higher levels of these factors.

Individual assessment: In Touch Physiotherapy

I will diagnose your problem and how it is affecting your life.

My aims are to:

  • Support you in losing weight
  • Improve mobility of your knee cap, knee and hip joints to assist your gait
  • I can advise you on walking aids
  • Increase the strength of your hip, knee and foot core muscles to take some strain off your OA joint.
  • Provide you with information to help treat and care for yourself
  • Discover what aspects of your lifestyle you can work on to improve to reduce pain
  • Let you know of community courses and classes that may help
  • Help you Learn to feel confident with specific retraining exercises

Helpful Courses at www.arthritiswa.org.au:

Classes allow you to exercise optimally in the community and often provide information that might be helpful. Speaking to others with similar problems may be supportive. More information click here  or Please call 93882199 or book online.


Looking for support from others with the same problem as you? Join a support group to get connected WA Metro and Country

  1. Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA
  1. Osteoarthritis of the Knee Education Program (OAK)
  1. Gentle Yoga aster
  1. Ankylosing Spondylitis Education Program
  1. Exercise Programs
  1. Support groups


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