Hip-Replacement – Tips and Treatment

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Hip-Replacement Outcomes

Hip-Replacement gives most people with severe hip osteoarthritis a positive outcome with markedly reduced pain and increased hip mobility.


Hip-Replacement and Knee-Replacement Course 

Are you considering having joint replacement surgery?

Would you like to know more about joint replacements?

Date: Check for the latest course dates
Time: 11am -12.30pm
Cost: Entry by Donation
Booking essential.

Register online or phone 93882199.
Venue: Wyllie Arthritis Centre, Shenton Park Come and join in at this Q + A session


to hear from an experienced orthopaedic nurse who will answer any questions you have. Information will cover a range of topics.



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Why have a Hip-Replacement?

It is time to have a Hip-Replacement when:

  1. Your night pain has become too disruptive
  2. Your ability to put your socks on,
  3. You cannot walk the distances you want
  4. You are simply are losing enjoyment of life because of too much pain
  5. Mobilisation of the hip joint before Hip-Replacement Retraining balance after Hip-Replacement Hip and knee strengthening-before Hip-Replacment

Who to see regarding a Hip-Replacement

As a physiotherapist with expertise in analysing pain and movement I can help you in the earlier stages of hip osteoarthritis by:

  1. Reducing pain and improving your range of hip motion to help your daily activities.
  2. Increasing your range of hip movement to allow better leg swing during walking
  3. Reducing your limp
  4. teaching you strengthening, and core exercises for your hip and knee
  5. Helping you to modify your activities and gym programs to gain more effective strength
  6. Assist you with the choice of a walking aid if needed.
  7. Link you to the Arthritis and Diabetes Foundation for further information and education on osteoarthritis and pain management
  8. Communicate with your general practitioner about a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon for and MRI and an opinion.
  9. Advise you on the power of just 10% weight loss in reducing pain and disability.
  10. Educate you about pain management

    Physiotherapy for knee and hip osteoarthritis pre or post Hip-Replacement

    is available at In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco.

    Helen Potter FACP MAPA

Hip-Replacement Surgery

There is a time when a hip replacement may be your best choice. Make a time for a consultation with me so that we can look at the stage of your arthritis, pain and disability and discuss the best available options. Make a time for a consultation with me so that we can look at the stage of your arthritis, pain and disability and discuss the best available options.

Rehabilitation after Hip-Replacement

If you do have surgery then make the best of your recovery by seeing me for help with, and progression of, your rehabilitation.
If you have had surgery why not become the most healthy and fit that you can.

 If you have a hip-replacement – Take care in the shower!

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