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Breaking News 1

In Touch Physiotherapy Subiaco remains open.

The Minister of Health considers Physiotherapy an essential service.

Helen Potter will help you with effective and efficient care rather than you wait at a Hospital Emergency Department.

As a Specialist Physiotherapist (As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2007):

  1. I diagnose and treat your acute or chronic problems with hands-on and educational training.
  2. Importantly I provide accurate information to ease your concerns.
  3. I offer advice on self-care and direct you to medical providers if I think you need other assistance.
  4. If your knee or hip surgery has been cancelled, why not take action to reduce your pain and improve function?


  1. To reduce risk, I treat in a single large room and have no reception staff.
  2. I have completed the COVID19 hygiene program.

Breaking News 2

  1. I am offering shortened 20-minute consultations, if you wish, at a reduced fee of $85.
  2. This will reduce our face to face time in line with recommendations.
  3. Longer initial consultations are still available.

Breaking News 3

From April 14, Medicare and some health funds, will provide some rebate for phone and Telehealth consultations for those isolated at home.

Please phone Helen Potter 9381 6166,

or email for further information.

Ankylosing Spondylitis


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