Osteoarthritis-Knee Self Management Program

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Osteoarthritis-Knee is treatable. You don’t need to sit around and wait for a replacement joint as there is a lot you can do to help yourself.

You can self treat effectively if you uunderstand why pain is occurring, and how muscle weakness adds to pain and swelling.

A specific home based muscle strengthening can be useful for Osteoarthritis-Knee, while a gym program will improve your balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

knee-strengthening-for-osteoarthritis mobilisation-of-an-osteoarthritic-patello-femoral-joint

Physiotherapy addresses pain related to underlying osteoarthritic changes or added stress related to uneven gait and limping.
Whether it is from the patello-femoral joint, the main knee joint, or more related to weakness of your hip, knee and foot muscles we can help.

Physiotherapy can:

  1. Diagnose your problem so you know exactly what is wrong
  2. Discover what factors you need to improve to allow treatment to be targetted
  3. Help ease your pain so you become less anxious
  4. Assist you to walk more easily and do more activity
  5. Teach you how to strengthen your knee and hip so that the knee joint takes less strain
  6. Use tape or a brace to improve your function and
  7. Explain how to choose a walking aid if needed

Just one or two further consultations will enable you to learn and feel confident with specific retraining exercises.

Community classes or a gym program then allow you to exercise optimally and may provide “add on” information that might be helpful.

The Arthritis and Osteoporosis Centre in Shenton Park run evening self-management courses – Osteoarthritis of the Knee Education Program (OAK)

Check out  Calendar of Events view here www.arthritiswa.org.au
Please call 93882199 or book online and receive a $10 discount!

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Freedom to Move

OA Hip assessment

In Touch Physiotherapy Hip Assessment and Treatment

Moving Hand joints

In Touch Physiotherapy Finger and Hand Assessment and Treatment

Looking for support from others with Osteoarthritis-Knee?

Join a support group to get connected – WA Metro and Country Contact www.arthritiswa.org.au

Free Information Booklets, Get Your Free Copy
BOOKING ESSENTIAL: For more info please  click here.

Accurate information about osteoarthritis of the knee will empower you to make efficient choices about treatments that you find in the media or on Google.

Don’t waste money on non-evidence based treatments. Ask your therapist if they follow guidelines for osteoarthritis.

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