Pain Video – Advice on Chronic Pain


Understanding Chronic Pain – Video

View this 5-minute animated video by Palanisamy Vijayanand – Director, Atlas Pain Care

Let my brain remove the pain


Understanding Chronic Pain

  • Learn what pain is so you can manage it better.
  • Discover how your thought viruses increase or decrease pain intensity in your brain.
  • Increase your activity to counteract pain suffering.
  • Participate in your community to improve your mood and regain an active life.
  • Talk to someone about your concerns to help reduce your worries.
  • See a Specialist Physiotherapist for accurate diagnosis, advice and effective treatment. I can help you with  ways to understands and manage your pain.
Helen Potter FACP
When our body senses danger messages travel to the brain. We instantly withdrew the injured part from the danger source. What happens next depends on our past experience of pain, our emotional state and our belief system. We can think “oh it’s just a small burn. It will blister then heal in a couple of days.” or we may catastrophise and think. How will I sleep with this pain, What f it gets infected? Then I will have to see the doctor and start antibiotics. More expense. this is not fair I can’t afford it. Why does everything go wrong for me? Which person will experience the most pain? Understanding why you have pain and how your thoughts are formed will help you to recover faster. Watch this Pain Video for an exciting condensation of information.

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