Ten Tips to reduce pain and headache when car-driving.

Does driving aggravate your back or neck pain or a headache?

There are many ways to gain relief and help reduce discomfort in the longer term.

Ten Tips to reduce pain and headache when car-driving.

  1. Modify your seat base angle and height.
  2. Reduce the backward tilt with a folded towel or foam wedge.
  3. Keep your lumbo-pelvic area upright (ie sit on your sit bones!).
  4. Use a towel or small cushion behind your sacrum (not your waist) to help support upright.
  5. Think Tall from the back of your head. This will encourage you to drop your chin a little.
  6. Check the headrest is not pushing you forward.
  7. Change the angle of your mirror to encourage upright
  8. Alter side mirrors to reduce excess head turning
  9. Think soft shoulders, gentle grip
  10. Be alert but not over tense.

 How can a Physiotherapist reduce neck pain and headache?As a highly trained and experienced Physiotherapist I will:

  1. Assess your neck and posture to see what biomechanical aspects are modifiable
  2. Show you how your pain can be reduced.
  3. Improve the flexibility and movement of your neck to gain smoother and less painful motion.
  4. Explain why your neck creaks and how to reduce it
  5. Help you train your neck stabilising muscles to protect your neck segments (to reduce the wobble your neck has when stopping and starting when driving).
  6. Showing you how to reposition your hands on a lower steering wheel to reduce arm and neck tension
  7. Think soft grip on the steering wheel.
  8. Provide self-treatment advice and tips

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