Ten Tips – Increase your activity

Increase your activity to improve your health

  1. Move rather than sit. Stand intermittently to provide variation on your body.
  2. Moving should be pain free and feel good.
  3. Seek help and advice early if you have a pain problem.
  4. Physio helps reduce recurrent or chronic injuries.
  5. Seek information from a health professional you can trust to use evidence based advice. 
  6. Ask the hard questions before making a decision on your health to empower yourself.
  7. Meet a Specialist Physiotherapist. Helen Potter in Subiaco is a friendly guide and source of information
  8. Better health is achieved through small steps. Start now.
  9. A highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapist provides a good partner for you, your family and colleagues.
  10.  Don’t put up with pain, headaches or creaky knees, Helen can help!

General Guidelines 

  • Lose weight (even 5-10% reduces risk of illness)
  • Stop smoking (seek assistance)
  • Increase your activity step by step. Pace yourself to minimise injury
  • Interact with those around you. Be part of a community
  • Sit more upright. Minimise slump.
  • Ensure quality sleep. Don’t use electronics for one hour before sleep.


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