Why Exercise? In Touch Tips

Posted by Helen Potter Subiaco on 12 September 2016 | Filed under In Touch Physiotherapy

Exercise – improving mental and physical health – Five Facts 

Exercise makes you feel better – but how and why?

  1. Our brains release the “happiness” hormone Endorphin during activity providing a joyful energetic buzz.
  2. Exercise improves clarity of thought and concentration and lessens chronic pain, anxiety, depression and stress
  3. When we indulge in physical activity regularly we feel positive and confident with more determination, dedication and self-discipline
  4. Confidence grows with improved fitness
  5. Improved fitness implies better muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular health

(adapted from  MigrainePal 2016 www.migrainepal.com/)

Fitness and funPhysical Activity Dose

  1. The current level of moderate physical activity is for 30 minutes per day.
  2. This is less troublesome if you break it into three lots of ten minutes.
  3. Activity can include moderate paced walking, stair climbing, squatting regularly when hanging washing or gardening.
  4. Cleaning if your heart rate increases a little
  5. Carrying shopping to the car – ensure you spread the weight evenly and avoid neck or shoulder strain.

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