Helping you to Recover From Whiplash Injury

Recover from Whiplash Injury

Recovery following a whiplash injury ranges from full recovery to mild or persistent pain and disability.

  • 50% of individuals fully recover
  • 25% develop persistent moderate/severe pain and disability
  • 25% experience milder levels of disability

Outcomes after Whiplash Injury

A clinical prediction rule (CPR) is a research-generated tool to predict outcomes: We predict the rate and extent of your recovery using detailed assessment plus the CPR. We divide the score into two outcomes identify the possibility you will:

  1. Develop moderate/severe disability
  2. Experience full recovery from whiplash injury

Recovery from Whiplash Injury:

There is an increased probability of full recovery in

  1. Younger age
  2. Initially lower levels of neck disability

There is an increased probability of developing chronic moderate/severe disability if you are or have:

  1. Older age (over about 40 – 50 years)
  2. Initially higher levels of NDI (score on Neck Disability Scale) – A Questionnaire I use at In Touch Physiotherapy)
  3. Initially higher levels of hyperarousal symptoms (anxiety, fear etc) – A Questionnaire I use at In Touch Physiotherapy)

Clinical Prediction Rule (CPR) for Whiplash Injury

Using questionnaires helps me, as a Physiotherapist, to calculate the likelihood of recovery for you after Whiplash Associated Disability (WAD).

  • I combine my detailed assessment of your history, story and pain patterns with information about any difficulties you are having with your occupation, activities or lifestyle. This enables me to establish goals in consultation with you.
  • My treatment program is dynamic. I provide guidelines and give you information to help you to help yourself as this will improve your recovery.
  • My longer consultations allow time for your questions, discussion and the provision of information on pain mechanisms, your belief systems and how to manage pain.
  • Frequent reassessments will enable progression of my intervention related to your degree and rate of progress.

Please contact me by phone 0893816166 or email if you wish to discuss a consultation or would like any other information.

Thank you,

Helen Potter Specialist Physiotherapist

(As awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists 2007)

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